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Inekogruppen was founded in Malmö 2011 by Henrik and Emil Andersson. Basically raised in a health food store, the two brothers began their journey with Inekogruppen as distributors of health oriented brands. The business soon expanded to include brands of their own, within sustainable food supplements, organic skincare, and Swedish grown food.


As the name suggests, Inekogruppen has since the very beginning built upon two core values: innovation and sustainability. This is evident in the brand catalogue, which only features brands that tick both boxes. All brands should add something new to the market and at the same time reduce impact on the environment, animals, and people.


The main channels of Inekogruppen today are health, beauty, FMCG, and private label.

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“The higher aim of Inekogruppen is to make it easier for the consumer to make good choices, both for themselves and for the planet. This is what drives our team forward and allows us to be as innovative as possible.”


Henrik, CEO


“Adding something new to the market may mean launching a never-seen-before product, but it may also mean producing an already existing product in a smarter, more sustainable way. We like combining new exciting innovations with well-known products.”


Emil, Product Developer

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