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NORDBO develops nutritional supplements, in harmony with our planet. All products build upon sustainability and documentation. Every ingredient is carefully evaluated, from both a qualitative and environmental perspective. The product range includes brand new innovations, as well as traditional supplements produced with sustainable methods.

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Good Boom is a vegan skin food brand, focused on lip care products. Environmentally sustainable ingredients that are not only 100% vegan sourced, but also organic and fair trade. Each line in Good Boom is designed by a talented Swedish designer or artist.


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Sambucol is the original Black Elderberry supplement that has been trusted by millions for decades. It is a unique extract rich in antioxidant flavonoids. Sambucol provides strong immune system support to help the entire family to stay healthy.

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Treemendus is a collection of organic tea tree oils from South Africa. Tea tree oil has long been used to effectively treat various skin problems, such as acne or scalp problems. Treemendus brings ECOCERT certified, pure tea tree oils of highest quality to the Swedish market.

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Booming Bob is a botanical skincare series, completely water-free. Only potent and nourishing oils, waxes, and extracts are used. All ingredients are proudly displayed on the front of the products and are selected for their function, quality, and environmental impact. Organic and sustainable.

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PLOG is food made of 100% Swedish ingredients, produced for a simple reason: to prove that a broad range of tasty, nutritional, and functional products are possible without import. We stand for a sustainable and Swedish production chain, supporting local farmers.

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